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Dunlop 600G in a midplus 102 square inch (658 sq. cm.) head. The 600G is 27 inches (69 cm) long and weighs 10.1 ounces (286 grams) when strung. The 600G is a tour spec racket with long main strings for power and short cross strings for control. It is 4 points head heavy, and has a beam width of 26mm at the head, and 25mm at the throat.

The 600G is in the same racket family as the 200G, 300G, 400G, 500G, 700G, and 900G, but it came out a year later along with the 800G and 1000G. These later rackets are made with Dunlop's new I.C.E. process. With this "Internally Cooled Engineering" technology, Dunlop injects cool air into the mold so that the composite liquid hardens faster. Due to this, fewer crystals form in the frame which makes it stiffer and more powerful.

This racket does come with the Full Racket Case and vibration absorber pictured. The recommended string tension is 55 to 65 lbs in this 16X19 string pattern. I recommend going down 3 lbs on the cross strings to equalize string pressure throughout the string bed.

The 600G is the Winner of the 2004 Tennis Magazine Editor's Choice Award.

This racket is sold out. However, we have several similar Dunlop tennis rackets that you may want to consider.

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