Dunlop mFil 500 Tennis Racket
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Dunlop M fil 500 (five hundred)
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Dunlop M Fil 500 in a 105 square inch (677sq cm) head size. This Multi Filament racket has 30 different braids of carbon R-fiber and boron to enhance the touch and feel of the racket in the hitting zone. The M Fil 500 is 27.25 inches (69 cm) long and weighs 10.8 (305 grams) ounces strung. The beam width is 24 to 26 mm.

This racket does come with the Full Racket Case and vibration absorber pictured. The recommended string tension is 55 to 65 lbs in this 16X19 string pattern. I recommend going down 3 lbs on the cross strings to equalize string pressure throughout the string bed.

Available in the following Grip sizes:

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