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Dunlop M fil 700 (seven hundred) (OS) 110
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The M fil 700 is an 110 square inches and Balance: 35.50cm / 13.98 Inches (HH)

The M-Fil 700 is 27.5 inches long and weighs 9.2 ounces unstrung. The M-Fil 700 incorporates Dunlop's new multi-filament braid frame construction on a variable 26/28/26 mm beam. M-Fil (Multi filament) is a technology that incorporates a unique patented 3D brading process. Carbon, T-fibre and tungsten are combined into the hitting zone of the racket head to enhance the touch and feel of the racket where you need it the most-at the moment of impact.

This racket is for the all-around player with medium swing speeds and lengths that wants power with control and a very solid feel.

This racket does come with the Full Racket Case and vibration absorber.

The recommended string tension is 53 to 63 lbs in this 16X19 string pattern. I recommend going down 3 lbs on the cross strings to equalize string pressure throughout the string bed. String and String Installation for purchase.

Available in the following Grips:

One frame grip 4 3/8 (G3) Reg. $109.99 on sale for $79.99 Brand new Demo plastic still on handle, strung, no cover/case. Available for a limited time

Two frames grip 4 3/8 (3) Reg. $180 on sale for $149.98 that is $74.99 each Brand new Demo (only shown by yellow grommets)plastic still on handle, strung, no cover/case. Available for a limited time
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