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This Wilson Hyper Pro Staff Trance Tennis Racket has a midplus, 95 square inch head. This racket is 27 inches long, weighs 9.3 ounces unstrung and with a balance of 33.5 cm, this racket has a quick head and light pick-up feel. This racket features Wilson's double braided graphite construction and Isogrid technology. The Dual Taper Beam allows a traditional feel and better control on angled passing shots from the narrow beam tip yet power from the wider beam throat. Wilson rates this a 4 on their swing index which they recommend for players with moderate swing lengths and swing speeds. This racket comes with the full racket case pictured which includes an adjustable shoulder strap and exterior zippered pocket.

Recommended String Tension is 53 to 63 lbs in this 16 x 19 design. I recommend going down 2 lbs on the cross strings to equalize pressure throughout the string bed. Wilson recommends Sensation NXT string for this frame. I also have Sensation in blue, silver, red, orange, and natural 16 gauge, all of which matche this frame perfectly. Well, maybe not the orange :)

Available in the following Grips:

G4 (4 1/2)

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